Pimp my Tevo Tarantula – X-Carriage Bracket for E3D V6 AND Stock Hotend

$ 33.32 Inc. Vat

TEVO tarantula X-Carriage for e3d and stock hotends


Tired of cutting zip ties and tighten your belts everytime you need to swap your hotend? We have an X carriage that will make your life easier!

This carriage is for both the stock single hotend AND e3D v6 style hotends, as well as obviously e3dv6 Volcano. The holes in the plate let you mount the stock hotend like you would normally do on the default tarantula, but the Derlin machined Clamps let you also mount an e3d hotend to the same plate. Simple yet convenient…and cool!

Of course the plate is machined from 100% carbon fiber composite plates and compatible with MGN12H linear rails and stock vslot extrusions.


What’s in the package:

1x X-Carriage plate for e3d and stock

2x Derlin clamps for e3d mount

2x M3x6 hex socket screws

2x M2.5×10 philips screws and nuts

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Weight 0.025 kg