Pimp my Tevo Tarantula – FlexX Carriage – New!!!

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Mackers introduce you the new modular hotend quick switching system for the TEVO Tarantula: flexX!

FlexX is a completely new way to concern an x-carriage: it is made of two parts, one tied to the belts of the x carriage, and one that get fastened to it and that can be switched between several mountings.

The base plate has mountings for both the stock tarantula openbuilds rails and MGN12H rails. It is also possible to mount a BLtouch sensor on it thanks to the holes on the back side.

The hotend supports are for single nozzle stock hotend and e3dv6, dual e3d v6, dual nozzle stock hotend and chimera, e3D Titan direct drive extruder.

As always, the plates are made out of 100% 3mm carbon composite fiber, laminated and machined here, by us in Italy.

Support for e3D titan avaible now! Check out the gallery for all the details!

disclaimer: this item is still in beta and some variation may occur between the photos and the actual product. 

flexx-carriage7 mackers.it

flexX fixed mounting

Flexx Carbon supports


Support for e3d Titan direct drive

flexx-carriage7 mackers.it

Stock and E3D v6 support on flexX mounting plate

flexx-carriage7 mackers.it

Steel inserts – no hex wrench needed

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Support included

Stock and e3D v6 support, Dual Extruder and Chimera support, Dual e3D v6 support, Base Plate + E3D Titan support, Base plate + Titan support + Extruder + Nema 17 pancake motor, Stock and e3D v6 SUPPORT ONLY, Dual Extruder and Chimera SUPPORT ONLY, Dual e3D v6 SUPPORT ONLY, Titan Mount direct extruder 3d printed SUPPORT ONLY