Just the Y plate of our wonderful kit. Get it as soon as it’s avaiable!

Now our Y axis bed support has both mountings for MGN12H linear carriage and stock openbuilds wheel-bearings.

Check the drawings for holes distances.


Our bed support can be mounted on the stock Y axis with Vslot extrusions and carriage as well as on the modified versions with MGN12H HIWIN style linear rails. Just remove the weels and screw the plate to the MGN12 block through the 4 holes in the middle of the plate.

Our carbon fiber plates are made of 100% real carbon fiber (no wrapped fiber, no glass filled carbon fiber), 100% laminated and machined in Italy. They are practically unbendable and undestructible and with only 125 grams you will have a 20% saving in weight from the stock acrylic plate.

Bed height regulation will be less needed and speed could be increased thanks to the reduced inertia.

dual mounting bed support small




mackers logo machined small