3d printing is a wonderful world. The spread of DIY kits let lots of people build their own printer and beginning to print with it quite easily. If building a 3d printer can be a quite easy task, to reach good print quality usually is much harder and requires lots of acknowledge and experience. Build quality takes an important role in the final print quality of course, but since many of those kits are made from acrylic parts, it is almost impossible to reach high level of precision.

Recently TEVO, with their tarantula, made a really good design with a cheap, yet quite sturdy printer build kit.By the way, lots of parts are made in acrylic in this printer too, so we came out with the perfect replacement for them: carbon fiber.

Why buy a carbon fiber kit?

  1. No more cracking – 3mm carbon fiber plates are impossible to crack by hand and practically indestructible. Tighten your screws as much as you want!
  2. Less vibration/better prints – having a weight as low as half that of aluminium ( and 20% less than original acrylic plates) and more rigid than steel, carbon fiber is probably the more indicated material to use on fast moving parts. Less weight means less inertia to stop, and much higher velocity without ghosting/ripples/bad edges on prints.
  3. Cool carbon look – Carbon fiber is the best looking composite material. This kit gives to your printer a wonderful premium look.



Our kit is made with 3mm thick, full 3k carbon fiber plates of the highest quality, machined by us, in Italy.









dual mounting bed support small









Parts included in the kit:

  • Heated bed support for Y axis with integrated holes for both stock carriage and MGN12H linear carriage block (NEW!)
  • Y axis brackets for pulleys and motor (3x)
  • X axis brackets for pulleys and motor (left and right side)
  • X carriage (select the version you want from the menu) with integrated holes for both stock carriage and MGN12H linear carriage block (NEW!)
  • L bracket to stiff up the corners of the printer (4x)
  • Z motor brackets (1 Z motor holder and 1 nut holder)
  • Y, Z endstops brackets