Here, in mackers, we are resourceful workers, trying every day to improve our results.
The Tevo Tarantula has been a great product, capable of unbelievable results with some mods applied on it. Our carbon fibre kits have been a huge success, with hundreds of customers happy about their printer brand new performance.
We are now proud to introduce you the “Tevo Tarantula X” Carbon fibre kit, a brand new kit born to further improve the performance of your printer. Check out its features:

– Parts machined from 100% carbon fibre composite plates, made from prepreg TORAY carbon (Japan imported)
100% new design on all pieces, improved functionality and look.
New Y heated bed carriage design. Our new carriage has been completely redesigned through FEM analysis to better withstand the forces that develop during a 3d print. The new design also permits to bring down the total weight of the plate by 30% compared to our standard tevo tarantula carbon kit and by 60% compared to an aluminium one.
We have added support for the mounting of MGN15H rails, for a dual VSLOT Extrusion rail setup or a dual IGUS rails slider.
Belt tensioning system included in both X and Y axis assemblies, made from Carbon and ABS plastic (3d printed), with brass inserts. This feature, together with the reduced carriage weight lets you improve your printing quality more than ever!
FlexX Carriage included in the kit! (stock/e3dv6 support)
– Aluminium angular brackets to reinforce the extrusions joints.
Aluminium spacers to replace the ones present on the Tarantula’s wheels.
– Mounting hardware included in the kit (screws, T-nuts, washers).
– Many options to personalize your purchase (double Z axis, leadscrews, v6 hotend, linear rails).

Unboxing the new Mackers Carbon fiber TEVO X 2017 with Belt tensioning system