ALFA+ is the newest Biobased Technopolymer FILOALFA, a new frontier of 3d printing.
The revolutionary FILOALFA material that combines high mechanical capabilities with incredible print simplicity.

High performance thermal material, able to withstand high temperatures and excellent mechanical torsion properties and traction resistance WITHOUT any SMELL.



Mackers recommends ALFA + for professional prints that have to meet high mechanical and physical requirements

+ Easy to print
+ Resistant to High Temperatures
+ High performance and impact resistant
+ Biobased


Colour Different Colors
Net Weight 0.700 Kg
Gross Weight 1.000 Kg
Nozzle Temperature 190 – 210°C
Recommended Print Speed 40 – 120 mm/s
Buildplate Temperature 0-50°C
Spool external diameter 200 mm
Spool Width 55 mm
Packaging Vacuum Sealed Spool with Protective Cardboard Box