FiloAlfa ABS is a thermoplastic polymer widely used in the industrial sector.
The physical characteristics of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene make it a very light and durable material with excellent rigidity and low temperature resistance.
FiloAlfa ABS‘s ability to withstand shocks and scratches makes it a perfect material for creating durable products.
Moreover, FiloAlfa ABS can be easily post processed using solvents: thanks to the acetone vapors, excellent glossy and smooth surface finishes can be obtained.
FiloAlfa recommends ABS for technical prototypes with industrial applications.

+ Impact resistant
+ Polishable
+ Resistant to low temperature
+ Post processable
Colour Different colors
Net Weight 0.700 Kg
Gross Weight 1.000 Kg
Nozzle Temperature 250° – 290°C
Recommended Print Speed 30 – 60 mm/s
Buildplate Temperature 70-110°C
Spool external diameter 200 mm
Spool Width 55 mm
Packaging Vacuum Sealed Spool with Protective Cardboard Box